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A Page of Resources for the Updated 2012 AGS Beers Criteria

Posted by on May 7, 2013 in Health System News | 0 comments

Have you ever stumbled across a page on the internet that is SO impressive it makes you shiver/tingle/insert-your-choice-of-verb-here?!?!    Well    I    just     did. I've long been a fan of the Beers Criteria and read the 2012 update as soon as I could get my hands on it - however - I never thought to look for more resources past the article (Doh!) if I had I might have discovered that the American Geriatric Society (AGS) has a page with links to an impressive list of Beers related resources, including: Teaching slides Pocket Cards Apps for Apple and Android Handouts for clients and families Articles on how the Criteria can/should be used by nursing  2012 AGS Beers Criteria and Related Resources How about you - what's YOUR favourite website?  Tell us in the comments section...

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