Health Council of Canada’s Annual Report on Health Care Renewal

Health care reforms not keeping pace with needs of Canadians, says report

Yesterday, the Health Council of Canada released their  "Progress Report 2013: Health care renewal in Canada", highlighting the progress achieved by governments in five key areas:

  • wait times,
  • primary health care and electronic health records,
  • pharmaceuticals management,
  • disease prevention/health promotion and
  • Aboriginal health.

The report finds that, overall, efforts at reform are not keeping pace with the changing health care needs of Canadians. There is variability of access to services across the country.

To achieve better health care for all Canadians, the report calls for governments to:

  • set clear policy goals with clear lines of responsibility,
  • continue the spread of innovative practices,
  • support collaborative efforts across all jurisdictions, including the federal government.

For more information see the Health Council of Canada's Website.  Also check the Health Innovations Portal for proven winners in Health Care Reform.


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